Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

1. Off we go or the WAF

Today I decided to create a blog of my project. If it works I do not know. The first few days are a test object. They are also used to test the settings of the blog.

Every reader wonders rightly: Why the umpteen-millionth blog. The blog is not for me but for everyone out there who are doing it as well as me. I have (or had) to fight in my project with many uncertainties, of which I would like to preserve the interested reader.

What is this blog about?

Projects always arise when man / woman think anything could be simpler or more beautiful as today. As a music lover I have scattered around my home media player the variety squeezebox-euipment. These are: two classic Squeezebox 3 one Squeezebox Touchtwo Squeezplay on PCs with the operating systems Windows and OSX. Concluding an iPhone and an iPod together with the controller / player iPeng .

This all is easy to handle for me, who set up the whole hardware to use. Only the wife of the home will not operate the squeezeboxes, but listen - and that as simple as possible. This is admittedly not the case, and so the wonderful devices are easily viewed from my wife very suspicious.

To make a long story short: The WAF is, on the open-topped popularity scale, on carpet level (ie at the bottom). The WAF is the W omens- A cceptance- F actor. Apparently the WAF seems to be inversely proportional to the male enthusiasm with technical innovations.

Back to the topic.

Based on this Youtube video   where the documentation was not really to find. I'm aiming to develop my own non-contact control , not only to play all my CD's, but also forall the  internet radio stations,. The basis are small RFID transponders in card form, whose information is read and performs, depending on  the found information, specific activities.

Requirements for the RFID control:

Play all CDs by CDCards

Playing playlists by PlaylistCards

Target selection of streaming through the use of so-called DeviceCards

Direct selection of Internet radio stations by RadioCards

... and the next time the function is illustrated and explained what the German Football Club Dynamo Dresden has to do with my project.